Classic Cars & Environmental Protection

We don’t take environmental protection lightly!


Classic cars and environmental protection – is it even possible?

Yes! In fact you do more to protect the environment by driving a classic car than you might think at first.
In general the classic car, used for decades has a far better environmental footprint (CO2) than a new car has. Because producing a new car uses a lot of raw materials and energy.

Experts say that the pollution during the production of a new car is so high that the pollution caused by using the car could be neglected. To balance out this high environmental pollution during production compared to the lower pollution of a modern car itself, the car must be driven for 15 to 20 years.

Marcs Classic Cars Oldtimer und Umweltschutz: Artikel aus Oldtimer-Markt 7_2008
On the topic also wrote Europe’s largest magazine for classic cars and motorcycles “Oldtimer Markt“.

You can find the German article “Reizklima – Warum alte Autos umweltfreundlicher als neue sind” Issue 7/2008 here.




Here you will find a very informative video (German Language):

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