Cavity Sealing

Cavity sealing

Individual cavity sealing with “Mike Sanders corrosion protection grease”.


Now is the perfect time to give your car a cavity protection. This preservation of vehicles is a long-term way of rust control and extends the life expectancy of your vintage vehicle. We offer you a professional cavity sealing for your classic and vintage car at a reasonable price.


  • No more major corrosion problems on the treated parts

  • A cavity sealment saves significant follow-up costs for bodywork and paintwork

  • Increased value of your vehicle

  • Higher price in case you want to sell

These advantages puts the costs of the sealment into good perspectives.

In our classic cars shop in Dortmund, we work with the well-respected MIKE SANDERs® grease. Your classic car will be very pleased about this beauty treatment and will shine in old freshness again.

We’ve made the best experiences with the products we use in the field of cavity sealing and under-body protection.

Processing and properties:

The Mike Sanders grease is heated to approx. 110 – 120 ° C and injected into the cavities. If you place your vehicle in the sun in the summer, the grease becomes more fluid and, due to its excellent penetrating qualities, flows into cracks and foldings. Even after years, the grease remains active, flows and sometimes even emerges from foldings.

So your “favorite” will be protected against rust for the coming season and beyond.

Moreover, even already existing rust nests will be separated from oxygen by the applied layer of grease, prevents these rust nest from corroding further

Water penetrated into the cavities simply bubbles off here and runs off again.

Prices depending on the complexity and size of the vehicle.

Ask for your individual offer now.

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